Keep an eye on this page for an up-to-date list of all my published fiction. 🤓


Tentacle (The Other Stories, Jul 2019) When a disaster rocks the opening ceremony of a facility designed to solve the world's energy crisis, attendees will see their entire lives flash before their eyes... and maybe something much worse!

Bio (The Other Stories, Apr 2019) Former journalist, Imogen Barnes, arrives at the luxury home of reclusive tech visionary, Gilford Pelham, to pen his biography. It’s the chance of a lifetime. But this book might be the end of her.

Check Out (The Other Stories, Feb 2019) Humanity hasn’t cured death, but we can now predict the exact date of when we’re going to die. Those who can afford it check themselves into specialist “death-proof” hotels to stay safe while the danger passes them by. But tonight, tragedy will visit the death-proof hotel.

Iron Duchess (The Other Stories, Nov 2018) Dropping behind enemy lines in the heat of battle is more than most squads can handle… but not all squads ride in the Iron Duchess.

Collector’s Item (The Other Stories, Oct 2018)